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Over 12 years ago, I had to hang up my skis for good. Because of a bad knee, I had trouble turning to the right on skis and finally had to have total knee replacement surgery, first in the left knee and more recently, due to arthritis, for the right knee. I was told that a severe twisting of my knee, like a bad fall with skis on my feet, would be very difficult to repair surgically. My knee surgen told me to stay off skis.

Two weeks ago, I saw an article about skiing on a bicycle! I read on and learned that bicycle skiing was great for people with bad knees. Not only did you not have to use your knees when skiing down hill, but you didn’t have long skis on your feet and consequently there was no danger of a twisting knee injury. I also learned that with bicycle skiing compared to conventional down hill skiing, you exert very little energy. Being 73 years old, with bad knees and not in very good shape...this ski biking was made for me.

So...4 days ago, for the first time in over 12 years, I was back on the ski slopes! I found that riding a ski bike is amazingly easy to learn. My first time down the “bunny slope”, I was making easy turns, left and right, before I reached the bottom. Two more bunny runs and we were off to the top of the mountain, riding more advanced runs.

The Koski ski bike is built for comfort. With a large padded comfortable seat and built in shock absorbers, front and rear, it’s like floating down the hill. After two days of great skiing, the only thing that hurt was my mouth from smiling so much. I can hardly believe it...I’m back on the ski slopes again!

Michael Moyer
Oakland, California

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