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We have tried different ski bike styles at Sierra in the past 10 years, from Brenter to K2, but none of them held up as well as the Koski bike. People describe the difference as driving a VW compared to a Cadillac.

My personal experience is that I feel confident when I need to check my speed and bring the rear ski around, it carves like I am skiing. The rig feels more solid in your hands, with a comfortable seat and foot rests. I don't use small foot skis when I ride the Koski, the bike gives me enough control as is.

I have tried various bikes and found that the Koski feels better in the flats at higher speeds, and handles well on the slopes. It is close to the experience of mountain biking, only way more fun and easier on the spine! I like the fact that they continue to invent and product test, not satisfied with the last model, looking to continually improve.

If given the choice, I will ride a Koski any day.

John Rice

General Manager
Sierra at Tahoe

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