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Well I guess you can teach an old dog a new trick! The first and last time I went skiing was back in High School class of 75! Best class ever! Learned how to ski and was off and running (well skiing) and had a great time! I didn’t care much for the ice the first few times I skied across it, but came to terms with it as most do. Well, Jeff Butcher, one of the stars of the class kept telling me about Koski Ski Bikes, he even came to Sacramento with two in the back of his car. We had lunch and went outside to take a look at the Ski Bikes; needless to say we kept getting interrupted by everyone coming by asking about what it was and where they could try one out. I don’t recall how long it took to talk about the bikes, but shortly thereafter I found a reason to be in Tahoe (work! Yes that’s it, it was work).

After some instructions from master instructor Jeff, I had these boots with skis on them maybe 15” at best and a Ski Bike in hand, and off to the beginners slope for a few test runs. Well after a few squeeze your butt this way and lean that way, we were off to some more interesting runs. The bike is designed to slip over the arm rest on the lift and dismounting the lift happens without a hitch. I think that anyone can do the bike and if you want to rest and look at the view you have a resting place already with you! Yes! I did find the bloody ice again! Still don’t care for it but with four points of contact I didn’t find anything that I and the bike couldn’t handle!

Thanks Jeff I had a great time!

Harry Reed

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