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I’m not sure why it took me so long to take Donnie up on ski biking, but I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found myself havin’ a ball. Don Koski is one of the famed Koski Boys from the early days of mountain biking. In 1976, their Cove Bike Shop in Mill Valley was the first mail order source for mountain bike parts anywhere. Donnie was already building ski bikes then. I remember him out back of the shop welding up strange rigs that were some of the earliest prototypes of two sports: mountain biking and full-suspension ski biking.

The genius of Erik, Dave and Donnie sparkle in what they do. Donnie is a brave and unrelenting designer/tester/builder who won’t stop tweaking until smiles are cranked way up the meter. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest Koski dealer. You’re gonna have fun!

-Joe Breeze

Breezer Bikes

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