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My name is Brian.

I am 45 years old and I have never skied, snowboarded or any snow related sports in my life. Prior to my weekend with Don & Jeff, I talked to other people who do it & looked up videos to get an idea what I was getting into. I was pretty nervous. Well being nervous was all for nothing. After a few bunny slope lessons we headed up to the top and took beginner and intermediate runs all the way to the bottom without incident. It was so fun! We started around 9am with lessons and ended up coming down the mountain till 4:20pm after closing time and I wanted more and wasn't tired at all!

The guys were really great for taking me and my buddy up, and letting my girlfriend tag along on her snowboard, to show us a fun time. Hope to do it again real soon.

Brian Shannon

( on left of photo )

Thanks for letting me try the ski bike!

What a great time! I was shocked how easy it was to learn. Within 20 minutes I was safely riding down the hill with no help. By lunch I felt like a pro! Safe and fast in any condition. I only fell one time all day and that was due to icy conditions.

This it WAY easier than learning snowboarding!


Quinn W. RENO NV

( on right of photo )

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