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The first crucial thing to learn about Skibiking is how to carry the skibike on the ski lift. The procedure should be easy for any one strong enough to lift the 30-pound skibike. 


There are a couple of ways of doing it depending on how the ski lift is designed and the Type of SkiBike you are riding. For this demostration it's a Koski SkiBike.


If the ski lift has armrests you can rest the underside of the skibike's saddle onto the armrest and place your arm around it. As you disembark, lift it off the armrest, Tips up, get up off the liftchair and push the skibike along as you would walk a bike.

Another way is to rest the top tube of the bike on your lap. Hook your arm around the lift support pole and hold on to the bike. As you disembark swing the bike to the sidesaddle position and walk the bike off. Mount the skibike after you have cleared the ski lift.


Most lift operators will slow or stop the lift momentarily if you need them to.

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