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Skibiking, itself, is not new. In Europe, it has been a mainstay winter sport for over 50 years. There are even International skibob competitions. That's what they call skibikes over there - "skibobs". In the U.S, seeing a ski bike on your local mountain was rare; however with the introduction of our MonoTrac in the late 90's, and our new FM Series of skibikes. Due to the growing demand more ski resorts are opening up to skibiking nationwide.

The U.S.-designed Koski MonoTrac was the first production skibike with high performance long-travel suspension enabling it to absorb moguls and other unfriendly terrain at extreme speeds. The maneuverability and control possible on our skibike has to be tried to be believed. We designed our skibikes to perform on the level demanded by the hardcore sports enthusiasts. Our new FM series skibikes are the next evolution.

Learning to ride a skibike is incredibly easy, with a learning curve that's a small fraction of that of skis or snowboards. Beginners build confidence quickly. Those sidelined from skiing or snowboarding with limited athletic abilities can easily ride a skibike. If you are looking for adventure on the mountain, the new Koski Skibikes are sure to get your motor running!

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